Why You Should Vote for Lacey!

Lacey has stepped up and fought for our community when others didn’t – including Denny Doyle. And that’s why she’s running for Mayor.

Denny has been in elected office for nearly 30 years – and Beaverton families can’t wait any longer for the status quo to shift into their favor. It’s time to demand it. And given the coronavirus crisis has exposed deep gaps already in our system – on childcare and racial inequities – Beaverton needs a leader willing to take action to fix them when we emerge.

Denny’s record:

On racial justice and police reform: Denny refused to engage in public discussions on use of force and in a public debate, he said that police reform was not needed. Lacey has been the leading voice on city council pushing for these discussion and police reform, including banning the use of chokeholds and shooting at moving vehicles.

On caring for families: Denny opposed for Paid Family Medical Leave – and Lacey stood up to his opposition, testifying in Salem to ensure its passage. Had Denny and others not opposed this policy for so long, we’d have this policy in place today – during the pandemic – when families really need it.

On affordable housing: Denny has focused on building big hotels that do nothing to make Beaverton more affordable for people that live here. Why? Because he’s taken over $135,000 from developers and real estate interests. Lacey has been a champion on affordable housing – and is the only candidate with a housing plan for low-income seniors.

With the fight for racial justice and our planet long overdue – and the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg reminding us that the fight for reproductive rights is far from over – it is important to know that Lacey is the ONLY candidate for Mayor endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Beaverton teachers and the local Democratic Party.

These groups chose her and want new leadership because of Lacey’s record and reputation as the leader willing to stand alone in a fight for what’s right and fair. Read more details below about why we can trust her as Mayor:

Affordable Housing

Lacey fought against discriminatory policies that don’t solve our housing crisis. Criminalizing homeless individuals and families – when there isn’t enough affordable housing – is not a solution. Instead, Lacey focused her time and energy fighting for the regional housing bond, which passed with overwhelming voter support in the Tri-County area. 

Lacey stands up to powerful interests and opposes big developments that are all wrong for Beaverton. Hotels in the wrong places do nothing to increase housing affordability for families. Her priority has been the redevelopment of the downtown area in support of small businesses – and to build more affordable housing units.

Lacey will champion policies for people who retire here, raise children here and relocate here. That means more affordable housing units – and supportive housing for those struggling with mental health or addiction. We can trust Lacey on this issue because she has long fought for more affordable housing options, and she is the only candidate for mayor who has proposed more housing for seniors in downtown Beaverton, a location that provides walkable access to restaurants, parks and public transit. She also was part of a team of people who established Family Promise of Beaverton, a nonprofit that serves homeless children and their families, and has been a board member of HomePlate Youth Services, another area nonprofit serving homeless youth.

Helping Families Succeed

There are times when families need to take care of a sick child or parent. That’s what life throws at all of us, and Lacey has always supported policies that help families succeed – at work and home. When Mayor Doyle opposed Paid Family Medical Leave, Lacey took the fight to Salem, testifying in support of the bill. If there hadn’t been several years of opposition prior to its passage, this policy would be in place today – during the pandemic when families really need it.

Lacey also believes that every neighborhood should be safe and walkable. As a city councilor Lacey fought for and successfully secured the largest investments in sidewalks in 20 years, for Beaverton’s most diverse neighborhood that needed sidewalks most. Lacey will continue to advocate for local and regional investments that will improve, not worsen, traffic – and contribute to livable neighborhoods for all families. 

As mayor, Lacey is committed to expanding a workforce development program to prepare more young people for local jobs. This is exactly how city government can and should play a role in education that can happen outside the classroom. And done right, it helps young people and local businesses. 

Pandemic Response

When coronavirus hit our state, Lacey didn’t wait to take action – and she called on the mayor and her colleagues to pass a temporary moratorium on evictions. Her quick actions will prevent more homelessness and keep people healthy. She also was the leader who coordinated COVID conference calls with area elected officials of every level of government throughout Washington County. The goal of the calls has been to share information between government bodies in real time and then with the public.

Lacey also supported the release of city grant funds to help small businesses with rent or mortgage payments, and is advocating for the next round of funding to support working parents who need help with childcare. With schools being online again in the fall, Lacey knows working parents need support so that they can continue to show up for work and provide care for their children. 

Climate Action 

Lacey knows how different our world could be just 10 years from now without drastic changes in our carbon emissions and consumption. Moreover, the effects of climate change are disproportionately affecting lower-income individuals and communities of color. While the city of Beaverton has a climate plan – it lacks accountability. 

Lacey will change this. She will create a community commission with oversight authority to make sure the city meets its climate goal. And because it’s their future, Lacey will see that half of the membership is under the age of 30.

The time for new leadership is now – and Lacey is the only candidate for Mayor with a record of fighting for us.

This is the kind of leadership Beaverton families need. Vote Lacey Beaty for Mayor by 8pm on November 3!

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