What People Are Saying

“It was Lacey’s energy and leadership that led to the expansion of health care to over 80,000 school kids in Washington County. She knows what families need to succeed – and will deliver results.”Emily McLain, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

“As a fellow Beaverton City Councilor, I’ve been impressed by Lacey in action. She shows up, works hard, and cares deeply about our community. She is looking out for all of us, and I will be proud to call her Mayor.” – Marc San Soucie, Beaverton City Councilor

“Lacey shares my dedication to our community, and I’m excited to see the energized leadership she will bring as Beaverton Mayor.” – Cate Arnold, Beaverton City Councilor

“From her time in the military to working in community-based health care, Lacey knows what it means to be in service to others. That kind of service is exactly what we need in all of our elected officials.” – Val Hoyle, Oregon Labor Commissioner

“Leading our region forward is going to take all of us – and with Lacey, I’ll have a partner who looks not just at the year ahead, but also the 20 years beyond today.” – Kathryn Harrington, Chair, Washington County Commission

“Lacey knows how important it is for the leadership of Beaverton to work regionally and she does so from experience. She worked hard to pass the regional bond measure for affordable housing. She’s got the right priorities and she has my full support.” – Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Metro Councilor

“We are thrilled to endorse Lacey Beaty for Beaverton Mayor. Lacey demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing our housing crisis and increasing tenant protections. Lacey was the lone voice on Beaverton City Council to oppose criminalizing car camping. Lacey believes that renters deserve better when it comes to security deposit returns, housing repairs and inspections. Lacey understands the barriers people with criminal record and/or, fixed income face when seeking housing. Lacey will help increase resources for homelessness prevention – including tenant protection and education. Lacey is committed to engaging with renters meaningfully beyond the walls of City Hall.” – Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund 

“Public safety is foundational to citizens feeling free to live their lives and engage in the activities of a strong community. Lacey knows this – and I have seen her stand up against hate and inequity when members of the community were threatened. She is the kind of person I trust to lead.” – K Marie Tyler, retired Chief Deputy Washington County Sheriff’s Office

“Lacey’s got my vote for mayor because she’s already worked with us to achieve better outcomes for our community. She’s the smart, proven leader we need.” – Felicita Monteblanco, Chair, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District

“Lacey has a deep understanding of our community and works tirelessly to improve it–her work as a city councilor and in the community has made Beaverton a better place. Lacey leads by bringing people together, which is what our city needs.” – Brian Powell, Chair, Visioning Advisory Committee

“Lacey has been pivotal in recruiting more community members that reflect the diversity of our city. Her actions demonstrate her commitment to include the voices of everyone in Beaverton. Her track record of supporting women and people of color, both in city council and as a healthcare administrator at Virginia Garcia, speaks for itself.Lacey is the mayor we need in Beaverton.” – Cynthia Moffett, Member, Diversity Advisory Board

“It will be an incredible asset to have a mayor who has worked with school-aged children at the intersection between health and education. You want someone thinking of our kids when leading Beaverton forward.” – Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

“As a mom, I have always appreciated Lacey’s advocacy for women and families. She fought for affordable housing, expanded access to healthcare in our public schools and she joined the effort in our state capitol to pass Paid Family and Medical Leave because she cares about what Beaverton families really need to succeed.” – Senator Shemia Fagan

“We need more local elected leaders lending their voices to the regional and statewide efforts to prepare our communities for climate change – and for Beaverton, that leader is Lacey.” – Representative Karin Power

“Success starts with health and housing. As a nurse, I commend Lacey’s work to expand healthcare services in our public schools and to build more affordable housing. I endorse her for mayor!” – Representative Rachel Prusak

“When immigrants in our community were targeted with hateful messages, I called Lacey. Without skipping a beat, she dropped everything, stood up against the hate and took action. She’s exactly the leader I want as mayor.” – Mohamed Alyajouri, Portland Community College Board

“Lacey’s energy and enthusiasm for community involvement have helped make the Community Vision come to life. From heading up our community clean up day, to working closely with our partners, Lacey has been a great asset to the Visioning Advisory Committee. I look forward to working with her in her new role as City Councilor. Please join me and vote for Lacey Beaty.” – Jaann Koeber Hoisington, Former Chair, Beaverton Visioning Advisory Committee

“It is exciting to see a young person entering politics. Lacey has demonstrated leadership through her strong commitment to helping homeless youth in the Beaverton area. Lacey and I worked together on a kickball fundraiser as part of our culminating project for Leadership Beaverton a few years ago. She has remained an integral part of the planning team for Home Runs for Homeless Youth and has since joined the HomePlate Youth Services board of directors. I continue to work with Lacey on the board of directors for Leadership Beaverton and am consistently impressed by her suggestions and ideas for keeping the program fresh and relevant. Lacey will provide a new perspective to the Beaverton City Council.” – Kylie Bayer

“My daughter has had the privilege of playing lacrosse for Lacey for the last 5 years. Lacey has been a tremendous influence and an incredible role model for all the girls. Her work ethic is second to none. Lacey is was one of the most intelligent, inspirational and articulate people I’ve ever met. She has done so much to grow the sport of lacrosse in oregon, and specifically Beaverton. While the sport is important, she uses it as an avenue to teach life lessons to the girls and has instilled the importance of giving back to the community. The JV & varsity teams regularly volunteer with various organizations that Lacey is involved in.

As a parent, I’m so grateful for my daughter to have such a strong female role model….We look up to Lacey more than anyone! I asked my daughter what words she would use to describe Lacey. Here’s what she said: Energetic, confident, funny, dry sense of humor, honest, hard worker, passionate. Aren’t those qualities what you would like to see in a politician? I know I would.” – Linda Johnson

“I have the privilege of coaching with Lacey at Beaverton High School where through many years of hard work she has created a thriving, service-oriented community of young leaders. Lacey cares about each player and helps them develop the life skills they will need after high school. She sets the bar high and gives the players the tools they need to exceed her expectations. Not only is she an inspiring leader, but her care for the community is contagious. In the last few years I have seen her rally groups for city cleanups, kickball fundraisers, sock drives, food repacking, and much more. I have never met anyone who loves Beaverton as much as Lacey, Beaty for Mayor!” – Sarah Keane

“Lacey and I have served on the Visioning Advisory Committee for the City of Beaverton since 2010. The event that epitomizes her passion and capabilities is our first annual neighborhood clean-up project, which we nicknamed “Rock the Block.” What some thought might be a 20-30 person effort ended up being a solid project involving nearly 200 volunteers, in large part thanks to Lacey’s infectious community spirit.” – Cathy

“I was fortunate to serve with Lacey in the Army and am blessed to still be friends with her today. Being in combat is an extreme stressor, but Lacey emerged as a natural leader with an infectious positive attitude. She made a big difference there and I know she will continue to make a positive impact on Beaverton. If you are looking for a hard working, smart, honest, passionate yet professional creative leader you will be lucky to have Lacey.” – Kelly

“Lacey and I completed the Beaverton Citizens Academy together. We were both very interested in learning about the departments role in the the city to provide service in the best ways possible. She showed wonderful enthusiasm in class and was usually the first to volunteer for an exercise. Right away I could see her desire to make a difference in the community. I have since worked with Lacey on events throughout the city and I am excited to see what she will do next.” – Mike Lupo

“I serve on the HomePlate Youth Services Board of Directors with Lacey, and I have met very few people in my life who are more passionate and dedicated to their community than Lacey. Lacey is organized, informed, and extremely hard-working. She always has Beaverton and local issues and interests at the heart of all her decisions. She is a natural leader!” – Emily

Letters To the Editor

As a founding member and former chair of the Beaverton Diversity Advisory Board, I have a unique perspective into the inner workings of our City government. The Diversity Advisory Board provides advice to the Mayor and City Council on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the city. It is through this role that I have come to know and respect Lacey Beaty. I have seen her diligently and authentically recruit diverse voices to all levels of local leadership, from the parks board to city commissions such as DAB, HRAC and the Budget Committee. Between her position on City Council and her job at Virginia Garcia, I have watched her not only incorporate issues of diversity and inclusion into her policy decisions but also in how she approaches community leaders. She follows through with her saying “the first door in government should be the only one you have to walk through.” She makes sure all people have the same level of access to leaders and their needs. When I voice a concern, I feel confident that Lacey hears what I have to say. My role as a board member has given me a seat at the table. Lacey Beaty has given me a voice. Lacey is the mayor we need in Beaverton.
Cynthia Moffet, Beaverton Diversity Advisory Board Member

As a member of the Human Rights Advisory Commission, and a proud public educator, I am enthusiastically supporting Lacey Beaty for Beaverton Mayor. In my time on HRAC, I’ve seen first-hand Lacey’s integrity and commitment to all Beaverton residents. Currently, HRAC is examining our current policing practices through an inquiry-based dialogue with Beaverton Police leadership. Through this process it’s become clear to me that Beaverton is ready for change. The public have made it clear through their ongoing testimony in Council meetings, marches, and community conversations that our City is in need of meaningful reform to how we handle public safety. Lacey has championed basic, straightforward reforms to BPD’s use of force policy that are a step toward the change our community is demanding. These reforms should not require further debate, yet Mayor Doyle is dragging his feet. We are overdue for change. For this reason and so many others, Beaverton needs Lacey Beaty as Mayor. She has the vision, she has the follow-through, and she has the ability to bring people together to tackle these tough issues. Vote for change this election, vote Lacey Beaty for Mayor. 
Laurel Grasmick-Black

As a woman of color, I fully endorse and support Lacey Beaty for Beaverton Mayor. Growing up in Beaverton, interacting with my neighbors and community, encountering systematic racism and divisiveness left me with a perspective and lived experience different from many. It is through these experiences and this perspective that I came to appreciate and respect Lacey’s leadership and empathic listening. It was Lacey who pushed for and got passed a Black and Brown Lives Matter proclamation in 2018. It was Lacey who introduced the 8 Can’t Wait Policies over three months ago. It was Lacey who invited me to speak at a community conversation on reimagining public safety. Lacey Beaty leads with actions, not hollow promises. As I envision my future here in Beaverton and the future of my classmates, my friends and my family, I see two paths: one brings positive change, kept promises and increased transparency in a Beaty Mayor’s Office or keeping up the status quo and empty actions of Denny Doyle. 
Nabila Hersi

We are the students for Lacey Beaty. We wanted to share a few of the reasons we support her for Beaverton Mayor. When Lacey launched her campaign 11 months ago, she made an effort to encourage, involve and extend leadership opportunities to students. Since the beginning she has made each of us feel like an important member of the team. Together we have been making hundreds of hours of phone calls, walked miles helping with literature dropping and participated in policy discussions on affordable housing, public safety and more. Lacey has made us feel like our voices matter and that even though most of us can’t vote (this time around) that we deserve to be included in the process. All of us have learned so much during these past few months –  from leadership skills, to time management, project management and communication styles. We’ve all grown in our ways. We are proud to be part of the change in Beaverton. And we are proud to continue supporting the only candidate who listens, supports and involves the next generation, Lacey Beaty.
Olivia Ross, Daniel Hadi, Elizabeth Holm, Maida Tahirkheli, Jhanvi Venkitesh