A mom, combat veteran, advocate for homeless youth, and school-based healthcare leader, Lacey hasn’t been afraid to stand alone and fight for what’s right and fair. Lacey is the leader who will shape Beaverton’s future to work for all of us. That’s why organizations and leaders that share our values are standing with Lacey!  

“It was Lacey’s energy and leadership that led to the expansion of health care to over 80,000 school kids in Washington County. She knows what families need to succeed – and will deliver results.” – Emily McLain, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

And with the fight for racial justice and our planet long overdue – and the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg reminding us that the fight for reproductive rights is far from over – it is important to know that Lacey is the ONLY candidate for Mayor endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Beaverton teachers and the local Democratic Party.

“When immigrants in our community were targeted with hateful messages, I called Lacey. Without skipping a beat, she dropped everything, stood up against the hate and took action. She’s exactly the leader I want as mayor.” – Mohamed Alyajouri, Portland Community College Board

Washington County Democrats
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
Beaverton Education Association
Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals
Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund
Columbia Pacific Building Trades
Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters
Operating Engineers 701
Joint Council of Teamsters 37
Ironworkers Local 29
LiUNA Local 737
Washington County Ignite
Next Up Action Fund

Listed below are the state, regional and local leaders who have endorsed Lacey. Read testimonials from them and other community leaders about why they are supporting Lacey!

Oregon Labor Commissioner
Val Hoyle  

Washington County Chair
Kathryn Harrington 

State Senators
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Shemia Fagan

State Representatives
Karin Power
Rachel Prusak
Courtney Neron
Janelle Bynum

Metro Councilor
Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Christine Lewis

City Councilors
Marc San Soucie – Beaverton City Council
Cate Arnold-Beaverton City Council
Kyle Allen – Hillsboro City Council
Beach Pace – Hillsboro City Council
Megan (braze) Lindsey – Former Hillsboro City Council
Angel Falconer – Milwaukie City Council
Jules Walters – West Linn City Council
Jennifer Tan – Former West Linn City Council
Joelle Davis – Former Tualatin City Council 
CM Hall – Newport City Council 
Shannon Corr – Independence City Council

Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation Board Members
Felicita Monteblanco
Tya Ping
Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg
Heidi Edwards

School Board Members
Susan Greenberg – Beaverton School Board
Donna Tyner – Beaverton School Board
Tom Collett – Beaverton School Board              
Erika Lopez – Hillsboro School Board, Chair
Lisa Allen – Hillsboro School Board
Jaci Spross – Hillsboro School Board
See Eun Kim – Hillsboro School Board
Martin Granum – Hillsboro School Board
Ben Bowman – Tigard Tualatin School Board

Portland Community College Board of Directors
Mohamed Alyajouri
Alexander Diaz Rios
Valdez Bravo – Former Board Member 

Listed below are the community members who have endorsed Lacey. Add your name to our growing list here!

Abdul Wahed – Alex Lim – Alida Draudt – Amanda Hoffman – Amanda Morrison –
Amber Red Bear – Amy Chenier – Amy Enbysk – Amy Johnson – Angela Lowman –
Anna Petrov – Astrid Hodgson – Barbara Argo – Barbara Ballif – Bianetth Valdez –
Brian Gardner – Burton Rosenblatt – Cameron Monfared – Candace Swan – Carla Axtman – Carol Noonan – Chris Coughlin – Christy Splitt – Clark Crowell – Corey Padilla – Cynthia Jerde – Daniel Hadi – David Kochanski – Deb Schoen – Deborah Stewart – Diane Doctor –
Donald Walton – Douglas Reneau – Duenna Ignacio-Kawanishi – Ed Guzman – Elizabeth Case Eric Aaberg- Esperanza Walters – Evelyn Orr – Evelyn Powell – Farrah Chaichi
Gabi Cohen – George Tinker – Grace Okoye – Greg Goloborodko –
Heather Curtin – Heidi Hudson – Imani Dorsey – Inessa Monique Vitko –
Janelle Schneider – Jason Jensen – Jean Panella – Jeff Corso – Jeff Whiting
Jen Christy – Jennifer Gould – Jennifer Wilson – Jessica Pierce – Jillian Schoene
Joanne Hauseman – John Dugger – Jolene Guptill – Jon Conley
Jonathan Todd Kourlas- Jose Esparza – Joshua Feinberg – Juan Perez
Julie Martin – Karen Stratton – Karenna Umscheid – Kate Kristiansen
Katherine Galian – Katie Lukins – Katrina Harsha – Katy Reid
Kevin Putnam – Kevin Teater – Kim Corsaro – Kirsten Wyatt – Kylie Bayer
Lamar Wise – Laura Warren – LeeAnn Smelley – Lindsay Zobrist – Liz Cronin
Louise Currin – Lucas Chua – Luis Velasco – Lyle Urick – Ma dumar Herrera
Madison Smith – Maida Tahirkheli – Margaret Shaw – Marilyn McDonald
Marvin Hill – Marvin Hill Jr – Mary Manion – Mary Moshofsky – Mary Smith
Maryam Wahed – Megan Lindsey – Megan Mcmillan – Melissa Bobadilla
Michael Riedel – Michaela Lenhart – Nabila Hersi – Nastassia Goodson
Naviya Venkitesh – Norma Johnson – Ocean Eale – Olivia Ross – Paige Barton
Paje Stelling – Pamela Smith – Patricia Cook – Paula Froh – Rayleen McMillan
Rebecca Cambreleng – Robert Bertilson – Ron Morgan – Sandra Ling
Sandy Cobb – Sara King – Sarah Lopez – Savanna Hebrank – Shahriyar Smith
Shannon Walton-Clark – Sheila Sahu – Stephen Smelley – Syed Qasim
Taghrid Khuri – Teresa Payne – Terri Preeg Riggsby – Tod Queen – Todd Stout
Tsehaye Melles – Vici Wolff – Yvonne Ontiveros – Elizabeth Holm
Jane Athanasakos